Sacrificed dreams for a so called “loved” one.

  • The way I see it, life has no short cuts and us we try to provide for our loved ones, was it too early to fall in love? What was I supposed to do? She was special and she still is.I’m not sure how she would describe me and my ways since its been a year without seeing her face.I’m shattered as I can’t even type how I feel all I do is look back to the memories we had,what we promised each other…How we claimed we trusted each other ,well I still do.I just regret leaving you behind.My ways have caused us tension.All I can say is that I find my inner peace everytime I listen to “A Reece”.He makes me understand the importance of the struggles I’ve suffered…been a hell of a year ,actually was hell and a half.But you ain’t understand how I wanted to make you proud…Look where making you proud left us.No Big words would express my feelings but understanding the small words I say would make a difference,”just hold on to the night or forever hold your peace”.
  • 2nd piece.. .
  • I had just spoken to her, after the hope I had lost…I’m a lucky man that I can repeat, ain’t nothing that can happen like this and she’s my witness, I share everything with her…I just hope she really honest with me…still learning how you changed and emphasizing the fact that this is just for me and you. Hope you understand it cause you also said it “The World is Full of Cruel People” .I feel your pain as I continue to share my affection for you. We share many memories and I let that be, I just hope to grow with you, I took your advice and share this information with a stranger as it can’t judge me , not that you will but this is all for you after all…I just wish you’d believe me when I say I got this, I developed this feeling to understand how I represent you in a way…even when you can’t see me…I do have a conchious .I hate what happened before but it happened for a reason…I don’t have a perfect smile for the world but a golden one for you…you gave me a lot to take care of…I still value everything with my pride, the title says it all and this could turn into a book for all I care.

Fond of how you explain life and how you want to make yourself happy, this is not about me but you done a lot in such a short period. Hate how I take everything personal when you say it, but I can’t help it .You a beautiful soul and I have the whole national to support that but it’s enough when you and I know…I want to be part of your dreams, be your tissue and carry all your issues…flex the Galaxy with you…be there when you most need me,I wish to see you soon…For your eyes only I am, I avoid everything else but you, you my rehabilitation, Part of my dreams and the epicenter is you, you are a “healthy Covid 19” when it comes to me and can’t stop being infected by you…